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My Labor of Love

I feel so relieved and proud today. I feel like for the last year and a half, I have been carrying "my baby." That's certainly a long time to be "with child!" Wouldn't you say? At last, my love has come and I present to you Tanisha Ashford, Real Estate Concierge, the brand and lifestyle.

TA is an unparalleled full-service home purchasing and selling experience for the Metropolitan Washington, DC area home shopper who has major money to spend on their dream home - be it $100,000 or over a $1M. It's still your dream home!

Let's face it, real estate is a big deal and probably the biggest investment that most of us will make! So, choosing the right agent to embark upon the journey is crucial and can make the difference in the experience. You want someone that is knowledgeable, your comfortable with and that can educate and guide you. Not to mention, you want someone that can negotiate and close the deal!

TA offers you that and more with a one-stop powerhouse shop that can handle it all with finesse and flare. No one can do it the TA way!

And remember, it’s not about imitating what’s already being done in the real estate market, but about showcasing what makes TA different both in experience and service. Working with TA is comfortable, yet reassuring that things will get done!

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