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With the launch of my new brand, I thought about the image I wanted to portray and the audience I wanted to cater to. This lead me to thinking...I need a marketing plan. My head started swirling with where do I start? how do I create this plan? So, I began researching...

I came across various 6-step plans, 8-step plans and even more detailed plans. I was like WTH!?! It can't be that hard! And it doesn't have to be this hard.

Here's what I decided are my steps to my marketing plan:

1. What is the vision for my business - the big picture, my dream for my business?

2. What do I bring to the table that sets me apart from everyone else?

3. Who am I targeting - my audience?

4. How many different marketing tools do I use?

5. What do I know about my target audience - habits, likes/dislikes, needs, desires, income range etc?

6. How does my target audience communicate, what communications mediums do they use?

7. How do I start executing on the information that I have gathered? What's my plan to execute?

8. How often do I execute on my plan and for how long?

9. How do I come up with a budget for executing my plan?

10. Now, measure how things are going with your plan? What's working? What's not?

10. Adjust and repeat.

This is what I am doing and will continue doing for a while until I get this thing right! No sweat right? Wrong. It really takes some work to research and execute on this plan. But a little hard work doesn't hurt anyone and seeing the results is so rewarding at least I hope. We will see...

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